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Lakeview Resort in Wayanad with Unforgettable Valentine's Day moments

Feb 14 2023, by Admin

‘No surprises have been given to me until now,’
‘There is nothing you can do to amaze me."
(whimpering in the background)
Dear friend,
Do you receive complaints like this from your better half?
It is high time to give them a big fat surprise.
If you want to place him/her in a wonder world of surprise, we have a complete guide for you. Read till the end!
Let’s go along to a luxury resort in Wayanad. It is a Lakeview property with a splendid view. So, Vistara, one of the top resorts in Wayanad
is a perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day.
With its picturesque scenery, serene atmosphere, and luxurious amenities, you and your partner will feel like royalty. Imagine spending a romantic evening together while overlooking the tranquil waters of a lake. The beautiful sunset, cool breeze, and calm surroundings will add to the magic of the day.

Our valentines day specials

The resort offers a wide range of activities that you and your partner can enjoy. When you arrive here along with your partner, ‘ the visual treat & cordial hospitality ’officially begins!

Welcome drink, fruit/cake basket together with picturesque surroundings welcome you !! Your partner will feel repentance for bashing you(LOL).

Take a leisurely stroll along the lake and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Take part in a romantic picnic and enjoy a delicious breakfast together, surrounded by nature.

As the day comes to an end, you can retreat to your luxurious suite and enjoy a romantic dinner. The resort's chefs will prepare a delicious meal, especially for you, yea, a candlelight dinner that will leave you feeling spoiled and loved.

You can also take advantage of the private dining experience, where you and your partner will have an intimate dining experience, with the lake view as the backdrop.

To add to the romance of the evening, the resort also provides a range of entertainment options. Indulge in the flower bed or simply spend time with each other, surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere of the resort.

In conclusion, celebrating Valentine's Day at our luxury resort is a unique and unforgettable experience. With its beautiful scenery, luxurious amenities, and wide range of activities, you and your partner will have a day filled with love, excitement, and relaxation. So book your stay now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

This Valentine's Day, make your partner feel special and loved, and never give room for grumbling .!!
Celebrate your love in a way that your partner will never forget. Our lakeside resort is the perfect place to do just that.

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